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What does it mean to be Finnish? You already know about some of Finland’s best rye products, produced in an old dairy on the banks of the Kyrö River. But how much do you really know about Finland (Suomi, as the locals call it) and the people who live there? The uninitiated often think of the Finns as Scandinavians, but that’s actually not quite right. Finland is one of the Nordic countries, and although Finnish culture shares some elements with Scandinavian cultures, they are also very different. In the interests of science, our intrepid Rye correspondent is crossing the length and breadth of Finland, investigating just what it means to be Finnish. Along the way he will eat salmiakki ice-cream, swim in icy waters, spend a lot of time looking for people in the forest and eventually come face to face with the dreaded fish-rooster! Each month, he unlocks another clue in the mystery of what makes the Finns Finnish. Put on a sweater and a pair of rubber boots, and come along on the journey! Don’t mind the mosquitos. They don’t drink much.





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