Sustainability at Kyrö

When we founded Kyrö, we set down our values and decided that we as people and as a company are citizens in this world, in Finland and in our community. That means that we must have environmental, social and resource issues in the heart of our strategy. We are committed to furthering UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. We focus on environmental sustainability and promoting equality.

Reducing energy

One of our top efforts is the reduction of energy use in production. Our new whisky distillery makes use of locally produced bio gas, which uses fish and pork processing waste as raw material. Our distillery and visitor center operate with 99,9% renewable energy.

Hot water is a key element in distilling. We re-use it inside the process and we plan to use it to heat up our facilities and nearby buildings. Side-streams from alcohol production are also put to use with our pot ale goes to feed local cattle. Methanol and other higher alcohols we feed to bacteria living in sewage farm to keep local water cleaner.

Local communities and equality

Our local roots are what defines us and our brand at home and all over the world. We work with local communities and organizations who focus on reducing inequality.

In Finland we collaborate with Pertti's Choice, a forerunner as the first social enterprise in Finland founded by disabled people. Together we believe that everyone is equal and needed to rebuild the cultural and on-trade scene after COVID-19.

We also support Ylipää Youth Club in Isokyrö who operate the local food bank and provide food aid in the area.

People and the environment. These are what our spirits and our spirit of dreaming and daring are made of. Taking good care of them is how we show that we are good citizens of this world.

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