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Marketing & Branding

Mikko Koskinen, Founder, Kyrö Distillery company
Mikko Koskinen


+358 50 3794 642

Laura Järnefelt

Marketing Director
+358 40 5294 205


International Sales

Mikko Ali-Melkkilä
+358 40 8499 105

Founder & CEO

Miika Lipiäinen

+358 400 484 576

Visits to Distillery, Restaurant & Bar

Tony Sivula
+358 400 748 174


Kyrö Distillery Company

Oltermannintie 6

FI-61500 Isokyrö, Finland


Helsinki Office

Pursimiehenkatu 29-31 F

FI-00150 Helsinki, Finland

Looking for a barrel of rye?

Casks of rye can also be purchased and matured in our distillery. Please contact Anniina, ( our customer cask fixer, to get your own! Now is the time!

Leave your address and you'll be informed about future barrel projects.


Find distributors in different countries.

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Baranows Emporium

Joey Tai

L.Derksen & Co. GmbH.

Grit Beverages

Toon Hungenaert

Gotham East /

Petkovic d.o.o.

Interbrand Wines & Spirits Denmark Aps
Tornerosevej 127 A DK-2730 Herlev
Phone: +45 43 20 73 00
+45 31 20 25 44
Kiil & Ko

Interbrands Wines & Spirits Oy

Pietarinkuja 3
00140 Helsinki
Puhelin: +358 9 682 9310


La Maison Du Whisky LMDW

9-11 Rue Martre
92110 Clichy

Caroline Boutroux


Sierra Madre GmbH
Sierra Madre GmbH
Rohrstr. 26
58093 Hagen
Josephine Hillebrand Perry
Tel. +49 2331 37756 21
Pear & Carrot Limited

Reynir Valgardsson

Fine Spirits or

Liquors Hasegawa

Jangsung Global

Kim Hwy Min

Dylan Distribution

Dylan Distribution

Grit Beverages

Toon Hungenaert

Wholly Spirits

Right Spirits

Interbrands Wine & Spirits Norway AS

Morten Christopher Arentz


La Maison Du Whisky Singapore

Please contact our Head of Sales Mikko Ali-Melkkilä for details
Interbrands/Hermansson Co

Please contact our Head of Sales Mikko Ali-Melkkilä for details
SLS Consulting

Maverick Drinks

+44(0)1892 888 443

Jouni Ritola

For details, please contact our US Market manager Jouni Ritola
+1 (312) 366 9954

Liquid Gold Ltd

Phuong Hoang


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