Old Fashioned Cocktail Rezept

Noch besser, probier diesen Cocktailklassiker und trink einen Old Fashioned.

40 ml Kyrö Malt Roggenwhisky

2 Spritzer Angostura Bitters

1 Stück Würfelzucker




Gib den Zuckerwürfel in ein Glas und befeuchte ihn mit Hilfe weniger Spritzer Angostura Bitter sowie einem Schluck Sprudelwasser. Zerdrücke in mit einem Stößel aus Holz und drehe das Glas so, dass seine Innenseite von dem leicht gelösten Zucker beschichtet wird, Gib Eis hinzu, natürlich den Whisky und außerdem eine Orangenzeste.

Cocktail history lesson part 1

It's hardly ever a good idea to mix alcohol with politics but with Old Fashioned the two kind of go together.

The story of Old Fashioned started in Louisville, Kentucky where man named James E. Pepper is said to have invented the drink while working as a bartender in a private social club. Later on he moved to New York, the city of dreams and the recipe came to life at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel bar.

Year is 1880. Besides a certain Mr. Pepper making history, the 25th mayor of New York (Samuel Tilden if you must know the name) withdraws from the United States Presidential election and celebrates the event with "hot-whiskies, Scotch and Irish, particularly the latter, sour-mashes, and old-fashioned cocktails" according to The Chicago Daily Tribune.

And until today we seem to love drinking whisky in an Old Fashioned way. It has been named the best cocktail by professionals for years. Only we prefer ours with Finnish rye whisky.

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