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Kyrö Dairy Cream Sahnelikör

Unser laktosefreier Sahnelikör wird aus echter Sahne und unserem Roggenwhisky hergestellt. Am besten schmeckt er auf Eis oder im Cold Brew Kaffee.

Kyrö Distillery’s home is in the old Isokyrö dairy where we bottle the history and future by mixing local milk and cream, our rye whisky and rye spirit into rich Kyrö Dairy Cream liqueur. Kyrö Dairy Cream does not contain lactose, gluten, or any artificial colours or flavours. Dairy Cream can be enjoyed with ice or with coffee, and definitely with friends.

Store it in room temperature. Once you open the bottle, strore it in a fridge. It's good for four weeks. Expiration date can be found on the bottle.

Taste profile

  • Liquorice

  • Chocolate

  • Toffee

  • Fresh dairy milk

  • Hint of salt

Kyrö Dairy Cream & Cold Brew Cocktail rezept

1 Teil Cold Brew Kaffee

1 Teil Kyrö Dairy Cream

Viel Eis

Kaffee und Kuchen mal anders.