Distillery Tour

Joining a distillery tour takes you through the bloody battle of Napue (nothing to worry, this happened in 1714), the cheesy inventions done in the old dairy and to the morning after that night spent in a sauna where five lives and the history of Finnish whisky production were changed for good.

Seeing the distillation pans and barrels, sensing the sweet scent of the dusky barrel warehouse and learning how helpful Google can be when learning about distilling will make you want to hear more. The story of Kyrö spirits comes to life during the tour and it becomes clear, both experiences and spirits are best when shared.

Price: 10 € per person.

Time: 60-75 min

When you come visit our distillery, your safety is our priority. So even though we would love to see your smiling faces, we have decided to introduce masks to our open distillery tours to ensure everyone's well being. You can bring your own or grab one from the distillery.

Visitor Center is open on Saturdays between 12pm - 7pm. Distillery tours (10€) begin at 1.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Tastings are arranged after the distillery tour. Price of the rye tasting is 20 €.

For English or Swedish tours, please get in touch in advance, visit@kyrodistillery.com.

We are open for groups from Monday to Saturday. Book your group visit: visit@kyrodistillery.com


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