Janita Ala-Mutka & Unna Takalo art exhibition

Janita Ala-Mutka & Unna Takalo art exhibition "More Than I Should" at Kyrö Distillery September 1 to October 31.

Unna Takalo

I am an artist and visual producer from Seinäjoki, Finland (b. 1994, Lapua). I'm inspired by contrasts, subconsciousness, feelings and dusty fleamarkets. In my work there's usually a dreamlike atmosphere with bright pastel colors mixed with something grainy.

Janita Ala-Mutka

I am a self-taught visual artist (b. 1993) living and working in Finland. I strive to create a visual language with beauty, simple shapes and using variety of techniques. I create aesthetic worlds with stories and characters. I hope the viewers sees the inner feelings of the souls of my works.