How to get here and where to sleep

Getting here

It's about the manner of traveling, not just the destination.


Take the train to Tervajoki and then taxi to the distillery OR

Take the train to Seinäjoki or Vaasa. We'll have a bus waiting to take you to the distillery. Time tables and ticket info down below.


Want to drive here? Distillery is located next to Highway 18, between Seinäjoki and Vaasa. No parking available at the site during the festival.


We recommend Hotel Alma in Seinäjoki, Hotel Astor in Vaasa or local Airbnb. Please see Kalliojärvi for cabin availability and RV Park information.


From Seinäjoki and Vaasa to the distillery and back.

Time tables and ticket info:


Bus 1.

4:00 pm Ristinummi Teboil –

4:10 pm Vaasa Kaupungintalo –

4:40 pm Laihia Matkahuolto –

4:50 pm Tervajoki Neste –

5:00 pm Isokyrö Napue

Bus 2.

6:00 pm Ristinummi Teboil –

6:10 pm Vaasa Kaupungintalo –

6:40 pm Laihia Matkahuolto –

6:50 pm Tervajoki Neste –

7:00 pm Isokyrö Napue


12:30 am Isokyrö Napue –

12:40 am Tervajoki Neste –

12:50 am Laihia Matkahuolto –

01:20 am Vaasa Kaupungintalo –

01:30 am Ristinummi Teboil Book your seat in advance and buy your tickets here!


Bus 1.

4:30 pm Bus station (Matkakeskus) Seinäjoki

4:50 pm Ylistaro stop, route 18

5:00 pm Napue Isokyrö

Bus 2.

6:00 pm Bus station (Matkakeskus) Seinäjoki

6:20 pm Ylistaro stop, route 18

6:30 pm Napue Isokyrö

Return bus 1.

10:45 pm Napue Isokyrö

Ylistaro stop, route 18

11:20 pm Bus station (Matkakeskus) Seinäjoki

Return bus 2.

12:15 am Napue, Isokyrö

Ylistaro stop, route 18

12:50 am Bus station (Matkakeskus) Seinäjoki

Book your seat in advance and buy your tickets here!