Cream come true

Welcome to the creamy world of Kyrö. Our distillery is located in an old dairy and in our Kyrö Dairy Cream liqueur we bring together the past and the present by mixing local milk, our rye whisky and rye spirit distilled with vanilla and liquorice, into a rich cream liqueur.

Gluten-free and lactose-free, this ain’t your grandma’s liqueur. Enjoy it on the rocks, or keep scrolling for the ultimate cold brew serve.

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Simply cream and rye.

Kyrö Dairy Cream & Cold Brew Cocktail recipe

You need: 1 part cold brew coffee 1 part Kyrö Dairy Cream Lots of ice

Pour ingredients into a glass over ice and suddenly drinking cold brew coffee finally makes sense.

Go cream

Fancy a little taste?

Try Finnish rye four ways. Three rye gins and one rye whisky. It might just make you rye rye.

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