Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky

Kyrö Malt is a whisky you haven’t tasted before

Why in the world has no one made whisky from Finnish rye? That's what the founders asked each other in the sauna eight years ago, before asking Google how to make whisky. None of them knew anything about the whisky-making process. Finland is a country so obsessed with the grain that rye bread was voted its national dish. The five guys made a plan which set them on the path to opening the Kyrö Distillery.

Opening a distillery isn’t easy and it would take two years until the first distillation, at which point the five founders were left with vats of clear liquid that smelled and tasted like moonshine. For them, it was impossible to say whether it would make good rye whisky. This is why, in order to get some feedback, they decided to smuggle samples into London’s Whisky Show. By pouring tasting drams in the gents toilet and going from stand to stand they got the opinion of professionals and what crystalized was praise for their New Make. It was time to make things happen. In 2014 they heated up the stills for the first time at the old dairy in Isokyrö, where the distillery had found its home. 

The result is a whisky you haven't tasted before. The Scottish style of double pot still distillation preserves the rich flavors of Finnish malted rye and makes the spirit smooth. While the American style maturation in new oak barrels softens the whisky by adding some sweetness.

Enjoy Kyrö Malt made from 100 % Finnish rye the way you want: neat, on ice, or in a cocktail.

Vegan, gluten-free

This way, whisky lover

Kyrö Ryeball

1 part Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky

3 parts soda water

Lemon wedge

Enjoy cold with lots of ice.

We make whisky that you don’t need to drink neat or accompanied by a cigar. Unless, of course, that happens to be your thang.

Get your cocktail game on