"Kalsarikännit" is the Finnish word for drinking (alone) at home in your underpants.

We've been doing this up in Finland for centuries, but it seems the rest of the world has just caught on.

Whether you're Finnish, Spanish, German or Mongolian – we’re all Kalsarikännit experts now.

Kyrö Gin&Tonic

Choose world's best gin to make your G&T.

1 part Kyrö Gin

2 parts Fever Tree tonic water 

A twig of rosemary


Enjoy cold over lots of ice

Get the best gin for G&T here

Kyrö Dairy Cream & Cold Brew

1 part Cold Brew coffee

1 part Kyrö Dairy Cream

Lots of ice

"Drinking cold brew coffee finally makes sense."

Kyrö Dark Gin & Juice

1 part barrel aged gin

2 parts cloudy apple juice

A slice of fresh apple 

Enjoy hot or cold with lots of ice.

In Finland there is this day called summer. Before, during and after we drink gin and juice.

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