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The relationship between a bar and a distillery is a special one, we're all dependant on each other – which is why we want to support the bar scene during these strange times. And we need your support for that.

We'll be featuring one of our Lieblingsbars on our social media channels weekly. During this time we'll be donating a part of the proceeds for every bottle of Hand Desi hand sanitizer sold from the Kyrö webshop. That way, we're making sure to stay sanitized, safe, and sane so we can all get back to bars as soon as possible.

Kyrö Hand Desi Hand Sanitizer

Be responsible even when #pantsdrunk, especially when #pantsdrunktogether with friends. Wash your hands and sanitise them before serving your people any drinks, ya filthy animals!

Sanitize me

Kalsarikänni Mixing sessions

We'll be speaking to our favourite bartenders who will be showing us how they use a Kyrö product in their cocktails.

Be sure to share your pantsdrunk cocktail moment. Tag @kyrodistillery and #pantsdrunktogether and we will raise a virtual toast with you.


"Kalsarikännit" is the Finnish word for drinking (alone) at home in your underpants. We've been doing this up in Finland for centuries, but it seems the rest of the world has just caught on.

Whether you're Finnish, Spanish, German or Mongolian – we’re all Kalsarikännit experts now.

Drop Your Pants. Raise A Glass. Support your Lieblingsbar. Join us getting #pantsdrunktogether and win prizes.

All you have to do is follow @kyrodistillery on Instagram to win Kyrö pantsdrunk kit with all the essentials (bottles and pants), and other amazing prizes.

Main prize (1 pc) Kyrö pantsdrunk kit including:

  • 1 pair of Kyrö x Mähöne unisex underpants

  • Kyrö Gin 50 cl

  • Kyrö Dark Gin 50 cl

  • Kyrö Dairy Cream 50 cl

  • 6-pack of Kyrö cocktail glasses.

Enough to share with friends (but keep the underpants to yourself).

Smaller but still awesome prizes:

Kyrö World's best G&T pack(10 pcs)

Kyrö Gin & Juice pack (10 pcs)

See rules for the Kyrö pantsdrunk together contest here.

Kyrö G&T

Choose world's best gin for gin & tonic and take the KALSARIKÄNNI to the next level. Enjoy your Kyrö Gin & Tonic with Fever-Tree tonic water, a few cranberries, a twig of rosemary and lots of ice.

1 part Kyrö Gin

2 parts Fever Tree tonic water 

A twig of rosemary


Lots of ice

Perfect with short longjohns.

Get Kyrö Gin

Kyrö Dairy Cream & Cold Brew

Enough with the coffee breaks that make no sense. Enjoy Kyrö Dairy cream neat, on ice or with your favourite coffee blend. 

1 part Cold Brew coffee

1 part Kyrö Dairy Cream

Lots of ice

Best with pants or with no pants at all.

Where creams come true

Kyrö Dark Gin & Juice

In Finland there is this day called summer. When it gets cold just skip the ice.

1 part Kyrö Dark Gin

2 parts cloudy apple juice

A slice of fresh apple 

Enjoy hot or cold with lots of ice.

You can count on either longjohns or hot drinks or just play it cool.

Buy Kyrö Dark Gin

Ready to learn Finnish way of saying Pantsdrunk?

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