The Story of Kyrö Distillery

The unlikely idea for Kyrö, a Finnish all-rye distillery, was conceived in a sauna, fueled by a sip (or two) of rye whisky. The five founding friends embarked on an adventure of a lifetime, capturing the same spirit of naked ambition in everything they distill.

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Distillery Tour

Kyrö home is located in an old dairy in the peculiar village of Isokyrö. Join a distillery tour, enjoy a tasting and try the unique cocktails made out of our rye products. Kyrö kitchen serves local delicacies. You can also visit us virtually.

Cocktails and Dreams

Channel your inner bartender and learn to make the best drinks at home.

Cocktail Recipes

Meet the Kyrö Family

Kyrö is not just a distillery. It's a dream come true. Plus we get to surround ourselves with the ryegth people. Get to know the people behind Kyrö.

Kyrö people