Allryeght Spirits

True to our Finnish heritage, we do everything the hard way; even though it is the most demanding grain to distill, we only work with 100% whole-grain rye.

Whisky you haven't tasted before

Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky. 100 % Finnish rye malt. Pot distillation. Bold barrels. Dare to be different.

Enjoy your Kyrö Malt as you wish

Kyrö Rye Malt Whisky

Only had 2000 bottles available

New Make is the beginning

Gin gin the Kyrö way

Intense Finnish rye. Local wild botanicals foraged from right outside the distillery. Unique flavour.

Finnish summer in a bottle makes the best Gin & Tonic

Gin for when the weather sucks

Gin gin

Make yourself a fun, easy gin cocktail at home. Maybe you'll even find a new favorite amongst these classics?

Classic G&T with a twist

Enjoy hot or cold

When taste matters, order a pink drink

Greetings from Italy

Classic with 50 shades