Brutally Finnish Kyrö Dairy Cream Liquor

So fresh and so cream

The secret is in the ingredients. Local, real cream mixed with Finnish rye whisky. This is your hipster milk. Our cream liqueur is lactose-free, gluten-free, and now, even the shipping is free.

Taste the full range of Finnish rye

Kyrö Distillery has grown from a wild dream to a craft powerhouse with skill and capacity — and pretty good spirits. Always made from 100% rye.

Rye may be the hardest grain to distill due to its temperament, but we still only ever use Finnish wholegrain rye in our products — be it whisky, gin, or liqueur.

Kyrö Spirits

How five naked guys ended up making Finnish rye whisky

Like half of the Finnish population, the story of this all-rye distillery was also conceived in a sauna. 

A group of friends were having a sauna and drinking rye whisky when they began to wonder why nobody was making rye whisky in Finland. Surprisingly, the idea of starting their own distillery still seemed like a good one the following morning and from there, the journey of Kyrö began.

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