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Kyrö’s Choice: Rye Whisky with Marsala Finish

A rye whisky aged in Marsala barrels and chosen especially for Germany by German Team Kyrö.

Have you ever tried to transport a Finnish sauna to the west coast of Sicily, enjoyed a rye whisky surrounded by a deep breeze and the sound of the sea? Worry not, we have distilled a single batch whisky that's able give you this feeling.

During our annual tasting, Team German Kyrö decided that they definitely needed this bottling to share with friends. So here it is: Kyrö's Choice Marsala. A fine, fruity rye whisky aged in ex-Bourbon and Marsala barrels. Definitely the most Finnish Mediterranean Sea this side of Isokyrö or Marsala.

Nose: Rye bread with butter and honey Dark dried fruits

Palate: Christmas spices caramel Oak forest