Myssy x Kyrö hat

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Myssy x Kyrö collection is a collaboration with Myssyfarmi. The inspiration for the collection came here from Isokyrö and the hats were knitted by Myssy Grannies from Kyrö, Pöytyä. One trusts in rye, the other in Grannies, but the products of both companies keep you warm. Or cool. This is what we call kyröism, doing things big and doing them the very Finnish way.

The hats in this collection have been handmade made in Pöytyä of soft and organic Finnsheep wool that has been hand-dyed. Size M fits most people with 55-60cm heads. The Myssy hat fits you tight at the beginning, but within the first weeks of use it will stretch to match your head exactly. The wool is naturally water and dirt-repellent. You can turn the edge once or twice as you wish.

Myssyfarmi is a farm-based design company from Pöytyä, Finland. Every Myssy hat is knitted by a real Myssy Grandma. The unique hand-dyed yarn originates from their own herd of Finnsheep. Everything is organic and original in the farm and nothing is cool in Pöytyä. Except when winter hits those parts.

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