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Kyrö Vin Santo barrel contract

Vin Santo "Holy Wine" is a dessert wine from Italy with a long heritage. According to legend, this wine originating from Tuscany has been used as a medicine already in the Middle Ages and also played a part in Catholic ceremonies at the time. It is made by fermenting and aging the pressed sweet juices of sun dried white wine grapes in local caratelli barrels. The end result is a gold colored sweet wine that typically has a nutty and gentle buttery flavor with notes of raisin and honey.

We managed to get a hold of some caratelli barrels and filled them with Finnish wholegrain rye distillate that had already been maturing for a little while in new oak barrels. We also filled some with smoked rye distillate.

When you are ready, order this right-to-purchase contract by adding it to your shopping basket and complete the check-out. We'll be in touch and go through the rest of the process together.

Taste profile

In this whisky the malt and spice of the rye is combined with the round fruity sweetness of Vin Santo with notes of honey and walnuts. The ones filled with smoked rye have and extra layer of bonfire smoke. Toasted oak on the background rounds out the flavor.


  • All barrels are different sizes and the price for each one is different

  • 45-46 liter ones are 2950€ (+ alcohol tax around 1500€)

  • Bigger one are a little bit more expensive and smaller ones less expensive

  • Per bottle price is the same for all barrels

  • Order a contract and we'll check the final price

  • Ready to be bottled in 2023-2025

How do I get a barrel of Kyrö Vin Santo?

Add the contract to your shopping basket and complete the checkout. We'll be in touch and draw up a barrel contract together. After signing the digital contract you can call yourself a barrel owner.