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True to our Finnish heritage, we do everything the hard way; even though it is the most demanding grain to distill, we only work with 100% whole-grain rye. In addition to the intense flavor of Finnish rye, our award-winning gins contain local wild botanicals which we forage from right outside the distillery, contributing to the recognisable and unique flavour.

Kyrö Malt is a whisky you haven’t tasted before

Why in the world has no one made whisky from Finnish rye? That's what the founders asked each other in sauna before asking Google how to make whisky. None of them knew anything about the whisky making process. The Scottish style of double pot still distillation preserves the rich flavours of Finnish malted rye and makes the spirit smooth. While the American style maturation in new oak barrels softens the whisky by adding some sweetness. Enjoy Kyrö Malt made from 100 % Finnish rye the way you want: neat, on ice or in a cocktail. Kyrö Malt available now.

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finnish summer in a bottle

Kyrö Gin (formerly known as Napue) is inspired by wild nature and tastes like locally foraged fresh botanicals (like sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves). Finnish summer in a bottle turned out to be such a good gin that it was voted as “The World’s Best Gin for Gin & Tonic” by the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in 2015. Enjoy Kyrö Gin & Tonic with plenty of ice, a twig of rosemary, a few cranberries and Fever Tree tonic water.

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aged gin inspired by fierce weather

We had gin, empty barrels and a bit too much time. We filled the barrels and forgot about them for a moment. Adding black pepper and orange peel distillate, Kyrö Dark Gin, formerly known as Koskue, was born. Enjoy hot or cold with cloudy apple juice, cinnamon and a slice of fresh apple.

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To be equally enjoyed by everyone

Kyrö Pink Gin is infused with foraged lingonberries, strawberries & rhubarb – the best of Finnish forests and gardens. A pink gin made to be equally enjoyed by everyone. Try Kyrö Pink Gin with soda or tonic, blood orange and lots of ice.

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Dream and Cream

Kyrö Distillery is located in the historic Isokyrö Dairy (where also the traditional Oltermanni cheese, loved by Finns, was developed). In Kyrö Dairy Cream we bring together the history and present by mixing local milk, our rye whisky and rye spirit distilled with vanilla and liquorice, into a rich cream liqueur. Dairy Cream is lactose free and preservative free. In addition to the soft taste, Dairy Cream has gained reputation for its beauty. The bottle design was awarded a highly commended medal by the IWSC.

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Crafty long drink to color the grey

Put together the award winning Kyrö Napue Gin and real cranberry juice and you get Kyrö Cranberry. Ready to drink long drink was originally introduced during the summer olympics in 1952 as a response to Finland's tight regulations on alcohol. Unlike the traditional grey drink, Kyrö made their lonkero full of color and flavour.

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