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Opening hours

Distillery bar is open on Saturdays between 4pm-7pm.
Distillery tour (10€) starts at 4.30pm.  Additionally, every first Saturday of the month, we organize a live music event at the distillery bar between 4pm-12am, with a distillery tours (10€) starting at 4.30pm & 6.30pm. Tours primarily in Finnish – for English tours, please get in touch in advance,
(Distillery restaurant is closed during the barrel owners party on 16th Feb)



Kyrö Distillery Company’s first rye spirits were served at a Helsinki based speakeasy called Kyrö Tourism Board (Kyrön Matkailun Edistämiskeskus). Traditional Finnish folk music filled the room and the village of Isokyrö became familiar to guests through cocktails cleverly named after historical sites in the area.

After a few months, the establishment shook off
the big city dust and moved up north to Isokyrö,
where visitors to the Kyrö Distillery continue to

enjoy the cocktails. Today the Kyrö Tourism Board
offers dinner packages for groups, focusing on
Finnish delicacies and locally sourced ingredients.

The group packages can be tailored to also include a Kyrö spirit tasting, a cocktail school and a distillery tour where the story behind Kyrö spirits really comes to life. During the visitor centre opening hours, individual customers can also attend distillery tours and tastings as well as enjoy unique cocktails based on locally sourced ingredients.


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