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You will get to hear the impressive story of Kyrö Distillery, without forgetting the interesting past of the dairy. How did five men decide to found a rye distillery while sitting in a sauna? How was the dream created, what is currently happening in the distillery and what does the future hold?


At the tour, you get to see the distillation pans and barrels, sense the sweet scent of the dusky barrel warehouse and hear how we produce our products in practice. The story behind Kyrö spirits genuinely comes to life during the tour.


10 € per person.


Visitor Center is open on Saturdays between 12 pm – 7 pm. Distillery tour (10€) starts at 1.30pm & 4.30 pm.


For English tours, please get in touch in advance, For Finnish tours booking in advance is not required.


We organize tours for groups all year from Monday to Saturday.


Join us for a guided Kyrö spirit tasting where you have an opportunity to taste four different rye products. There is a lot interesting stories behind our products and we can’t wait to share those stories with you. Like the fact that our Napue gin contains 16 different botanicals which you can distinctively taste or smell during the tasting.


20 € per person.


Tasting (45 min.) is arranged after distillery tour.





Dinner package

Juurella is a fine dining restaurant from Seinäjoki that specializes in using locally produced ingredients and organic products. With them we´ve created our own style of dining which could be called fun dining. The menu is seasonal. Dinner package includes dinner from the restaurant Juurella, distillery tour and Kyrö spirit tasting.


68-83€ per person depending on the number of participants.


The duration of the full dinner package is 3,5-4 hours.


The minimum group size is 10 persons. The maximum seating capacity of the restaurant is 70 people.


Cocktail school

Always wanted to channel your inner bartender? At our Cocktail School you get to learn how to create your very own cocktail by using everyday household items and ingredients.


Part of our mission is to improve the local cocktail culture and to instruct people that making your own cocktails doesn’t require professional equipments. After training you are free to enjoy your cocktail!


15 € per person.

Group size
Maximum number of participants 20.

Blending workshop

Would you like to blend your own gin?


In our blending workshop you get a chance to blend your very own gin with 10-13 single botanical distillates from various herbs (for example: lemon, meadowsweet, sea buckthorn, black pepper etc.). After blending you can mix your own gin & tonic and garnish the drink with desired decorations.


20€ per person.


Group size
10 to 16 participant per workshop.

Conference package


Conference in distillery? Here in Ostrobothnia conference day can be an experience.


The distillery offers unique conference environment for companies and other groups. During the conference day, you can go to distillery tour and hear our story from sauna to overseas or you can bring out your internal product developer in gin blending workshop and make your own gin and Gin&Tonic.



The conference room is situated in the upper floor of the Isokyrö dairy. The room can be divided in to three separate working sections and the maximum capacity is 60 people.


Meeting can also be held in the dining room of our restaurant. The maximum capacity of the room is 70 people.


Conference technology

Conference rooms are equipped with video projector and screen, microphones, speakers, internet and flip charts.



The conference day can begin from breakfast and end up with delicious dinner, not forgetting lunch and afternoon coffee.


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