What's your favourite drink?

Everything else but not that sleeping, half-dead life nor drinks made with tequila!

And never should she skip her morning coffee!

Jenni has been hosting distillery tours for a few years now, but there are still days when it is impossible to identify her at first glance. She changes the colour of her hair often enough and you never know if it’ll be rainbow or just red.

Jenni laughed out loud when the topic of favourite cocktail came up. She admitted having drank other than Kyrö drinks in the past. Not sure why it felt funny at the moment but we all laughed out loud. That’s how it is when you work for a distillery. But then she told this story about Portugal and this one night she drank heavenly Caipiroska cocktails in a speakeasy. The place had red walls and purple velvet pillows. The bartender marked everything you ordered on a piece of paper and you paid the doorman on your way out. Jenni refused to reveal how many cocktails she ended up having, but she did tell the drinks were quite strong.

FYI, she is a cat person

When the restaurant and distillery visitor center closed last spring because of corona, the restaurant industry professional became a hand sanitizer queen. The bottles were shipped in no time thanks to Jenni. Sometimes it felt like she was the first one to start working and the last one to leave. However, all those wounds in her hands were because of the cats.

Because more than anything she loves cats. She has two and soon they’ll all have a new home in an old school she’s renovating with her boyfriend. While waiting for the Finnish summer (basically that one day we all get to wear a t-shirt), Jenni creates the summery feeling with drinking Pink Gin and Rhubarb tonic. And maybe an occasional Caipiroska. But never would she ever drink anything with tequila!