Kyröfest 2021


August 21st, 2021


Gates open 5PM


Available now in TIKETTI

Tickets purchased for the 2020 event will be valid for Kyröfest 2021.

Distillery festival brings people together

Kyröfest is a unique village fiesta that brings people together. Friends of all things rye, from near and far, we gather together for one fine summer day and open all our senses to new experiences next to our rye distillery in Isokyrö.

Music & performances

Good music, amazing local food, art and performances create just the ryeght kind of vibe. (Changes are possible.)



Antti Autio

Litku Klemetti

Mc Koo

Joensuu 1685


Ursus Factory


Pienet Joutsenet

Music, art and local delicacies

Good music, art and performances but also amazing local food and gryet drinks. That's what makes this a must be place on August 21st. Don't forget the distillery tours with founders, tastings and all other surprises. Stay tuned and keep an eye on our social media.