Easy enough cocktail recipes

How to make your favourite drink at home

It's always cocktail o'clock somewhere so why don't you channel your inner bartender and learn to make your favourite drinks and classic cocktails at home. Have a look at these easy recipes below and shake, stir, and drink it.

Whisky in a jar.. Or in a cocktail?

Try classic whisky cocktails or something brand new. Drink from a jar or which ever glass you prefer.

The Ryeball is a Highball with a Finnish rye whisky twist

Whisky Highball

Old Fashioned is in fashion

The secret is in the dry shake

First we take Manhattan

Ryeish coffee the way Finns like it

Gin gin

Make yourself a fun, easy gin cocktail at home. Maybe you'll even find a new favorite amongst these classics?

Classic G&T with a twist

Enjoy hot or cold

When taste matters, order a pink drink

Greetings from Italy

Classic with 50 shades