Eating and drinking

Will be fab, we promise!


The amazing food at our village festival will be provided by Niska from Vaasa, Varicko from Seinäjoki and Juurella from Seinäjoki.

Niska is founded on the story of a famous smuggler Algoth Niska, and serves sheet metal bread. Or plainly put, high quality thin pizza from Aland.

Can there be anything better than a cup of coffee and a piece of perfect cake? We think not. Sweet Vaasa is known among the ostrobothnian sugar enthusiasts as THE place to be. We promise you will leave with a smile on your face!


Beers, ciders and sodas are by our partners Mallaskoski and Laitila. This year we also have a special guest: Pirula Winery from Seinäjoki providing us with their lovely wines and ciders. And, of course, perfect rye cocktails will be served by us, with love.

Varicko is a wonderful lunch and catering restaurant from Seinäjoki. Varicko also provides the food for all of the gigs at Rytmikorjaamo venue. At Kyröfest Varicko will be serving on the other end, the traditional "makkaraperunat" (sausage potato hash), and on the other end, self made falafels, and something delightful in between.

Juurella is a fine dining restaurant located in Seinäjoki. In 2019 their dinner at Kyröfest was held in the whisky distillery. This year, it will be set on the Kyrö river bank. Or actually, on the river itself. This is an experience!