Kyrö Brunch - sold out

We serve the very first Kyrö brunch on January 23th. Reserve a seat in advance no later than the 21st of January by email The price is 25 €/person.


Doors open 10.30- 19.00

Brunch 10.30-13.00

Distillery tours (10€) 13.30 & 16.30

Tastings (20€) 14.30 & 17.30

Brunch menu:

Bread assortment and table spreads

Green salad and pineapple weed vinaigrette (L, G)

Roasted potatoes, caramelized onions, and smoked mayonnaise (M, G)

Cabbage, french cream, and roasted mangaliza pork ribs (L, G)

Roe mousse and dill cucumber on toasted levain bread (L)

Whiskey glazed roast beef and pickled red onion (M, G)

Semi-dried tomatoes, caramelized beetroots, and cheese creme (G)

Moose rillettes (G)

Rainbow trout salted in brine, fennel, and citrus mayonnaise (M, G)

Scrambled eggs and chives-sour cream (L, G)

Cheeses and gin-sea buckthorn jam (L, G)

Ginger-blueberry smoothie (M, G)

Fruit platter (M, G)

Caramelized white chocolate pie and Dairy Cream foam (L, G)

Rose jelly and raspberry compote (M, G)