Kyrö Gin-Gin

Finnish summer in a bottle

Kyrö Gin (formerly known as Napue) is inspired by wild nature and tastes like locally foraged fresh botanicals (like sea buckthorn, cranberries and birch leaves).

Finnish summer in a bottle turned out to be such a good gin that it was voted as “The World’s Best Gin for Gin & Tonic” by the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC) in 2015.

Enjoy Kyrö Gin & Tonic with plenty of ice, a twig of rosemary, a few cranberries and Fever Tree tonic water.

Vegan, gluten free

Get the gin, no cucumber needed

Kyrö Gin&Tonic

Choose world's best gin to make your G&T.

1 part Kyrö Gin

2 parts Fever Tree tonic water 

A twig of rosemary


Enjoy cold over lots of ice

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