Kyrö Malt whisky pre-release batch #6

Wholegrain rye gives the whisky a hearty and spicy flavour with a delightful mouthfeel. Pre-release #6 was handcrafted with love. This batch was slightly larger than the previous release and its profile another step closer to what Kyrö Malt would finally represent. Barrels were chosen with extreme consideration and this particular batch was aged in new American white oak barrels, which adds notes of sweet honey and vanilla. A few ex-bourbon barrels were also used.

Taste profile

In the nose you'll find: rich dried fruit, buttery caramel, dark molasses, stone fruit, and vanilla.

On the palate you'll find: sweet fresh nectar, dark malt, and sugar. Spicy rye bread, earthy pepper, spices. Lingering floral and spiciness on the finish.

Release date: February 26th, 2019

ABV: 47.2 %

Number of bottles:

636 x 50 cl bottles

Vegan, gluten-free and sold out