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Miika Lipiäinen

Gives the beat as a CEO but plays real drums, too. Winning the fight with Coke Zero addiction.

Jouni Ritola

Fearless salesman spent a year in Chicago. Moved back to Helsinki to teach small talk to Finns.

Mikko Koskinen, Founder, Kyrö Distillery company
Mikko Koskinen

Mikko is an ok guy who takes care of the brand. He has lots of hobbies, facial hair and ideas.

Kalle Valkonen

Before becoming the head distiller, this (crazy) scientist was developing biofuels and brewing beer.

Miko Heinilä

Watches over the premises and tells never ending stories about (Iso)Kyrö history to everyone who wanders his way.

Mikko Ali-Melkkilä

Not your typical salesman, very much a cat person but also a DJ. No one knows where the gigs are, though.

Laura Järnefelt

Above all nonsense except when it comes to coffee. Better than tripadvisor with restaurants and g-rye-t lead of Kyrö marketing.

Linda Hasi

Financial director who comes down the hills freeriding. Loves mushrooming and art galleries.

Jenni Soini

Remembers more than is humanly possible even for a finance manager. Spends most of her free time renovating a 100 year old house by the Kyrö river.

Sanna Dooley

Has lived all around the world and laughed a lot. Still laughs but we´re not sure if it is with us or to us. On maternity leave from doing Kyrö marketing.

Jenna Toivonen

She makes the stories from the distillery spread with her marketing skills. Has a stock of flavoured chewing gum stored in a secret place that isn´t that secret.

Hanna-Leena Huhtala

The one who loves to sleep late in the morning and answers your questions about the barrels. Has a work related social media addiction.

Janni Markkula

Our product manager could easily survive on a deserted island if there was Asian food and puppies running around.

Pirita Litmanen

Busy with brand related stuff and happy when the sun is shining. Art director of the office and Kyröfest.

Eerik Lähteenpää

Our unofficial IT-helpdesk and official salesman loves to read and travel, but doesn’t have time for either.

Mari Saarenpää

Prefers whiskeys smokey and knows how to replace problems with solutions. Leads the whisky team with loads of love.

Timo Mäkelä

Surprisingly talkative introvert who says he can distill whisky and play bass at the same time but no one has seen that happen yet.

Sami Taijala

Allround mysterious shovel man can be found around the pot stills inventing the greatest patents.

Jonas Backlund

Besides whisky distilling, masters Swedish dialect closest to ancient language and surely after meeting him, you´ll know where he´s from.

Marttaleena Ruohomaa

Captain of the gin team, master of cream and somehow the one who´s summer holidays tend to be not so successful.

Matti Leppälehto

Gin blender who likes sauna, loves electronic music and laughs at really bad jokes. Better known as “the sauce guy”.

Sanni Aittanen

Former aircraft mechanic is a talent on the baseball field and in gin distilling.

Outi Heiniluoma

Kyrö bottles would get lost in translation without these logistical skills. She´s also a damn good photographer.

Ann-Marie Kallio

Gardening enthusiast who keeps packing materials strictly in order and spices Isokyrö with her Swedish flavour.

Taina Perttula

Works in logistics and masters in casseroles. Loves animals when they are not spiders.

Anneli Nivukoski

Manages barreling with hidden ninja warrior skills.

Terhi Vuorimaa

Besides barreling, loves London vibes and animals.

Jani Kujala

In this case it takes one to tango and Jani is the one singing it while managing the Kyrö production.

Tony Sivula

Sheep farmer and distillery bar manager who keeps leaving his keys to places he forgets about.

Jenni Hautala

She dreams about growing her own potatoes but for now she´s the heart (and bit of the soul) of the restaurant. Organizes local events and never says no to a glass of white wine.

Meeri Luhtala

The never ending smile left Isokyrö just to come back with more stories to tell. Makes the tours and drinks tasty.

Lyydianna Hangassalo

When she´s not hosting, she enjoyes her grandpa´s stories spiced with ice cream bowls.

Nadja Myllyviita

It used to be the hammer she was good at throwing but now she basically throws party every time she steps behind the bar. In Finnish, Swedish and English.

Josefin Strandberg

Never seen not doing something. Most likely found in the office or on a tour. Often found enjoying liquorice.

Katariina Kallio

Every tour and night she hosts, we´re safe. Mainly because she´s a paramedic.

Mauricio Allende

Little spice of Mexico in Kyrö. Talks a lot, laughs at bad jokes and prefers cold weather.

Max Sabato

Spreads the rye in Germany and drives a Volvo. Also the one we like to send in the kitchen and see magic happen. 


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