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Miika Lipiäinen

Whisky enthusiast, who creates the rhythm. As a drummer and as a CEO.

Jouni Ritola

Hearty logistics expert and fearless salesman. Packed rye, and moved to Chicago to open US market.

Mikko Koskinen, Founder, Kyrö Distillery company
Mikko Koskinen

Mikko is an ok guy. He has facial hair. Takes care of branding.

Kalle Valkonen

Before becoming the head distiller, this moustached man was developing biofuels and brewing beer.

Miko Heinilä

Farm boy who takes care of the distillery family and builds the premises. His heart beats for Isokyrö.

Mikko Ali-Melkkilä

Salesman extraordinaire fond of all things eccentric. Also a cat person.

Jenni Soini

Office superpower who lives next door to the distillery. Makes extraordinary out of the ordinary.

Sanna Dooley

Loves a good tipple and a good laugh. Has lived all around the world, but luckily found her way back and now looks after marketing.

Anniina Kumara

Deals with social media & communities and loves to organize surprises. Regular dose of live music and travelling is inevitable.

Jenna Toivonen

Cheerful floor ball player and marketing enthusiast. Wants to get things moving with joy and efficiency!

Janni Markkula

You don’t know what efficiency means if you haven’t met this merch-coordinator. Loves sports, learning new things and travelling. Earliest office bird!

Outi Heiniluoma

Sweet & social. Easily excited about anything between biking and forest, people and photography.

Ann-Marie Kallio

A Swede in Isokyrö. Gardening enthusiast, who keeps packing materials strictly in order.

Rami Rinta-Korkeamäki

Daytime bottler, night time floor ball coach. If you haven’t heard Rami playing accordion, have you even lived?

Mari Saarenpää

Always on the go – horseback riding, dog training, distilling. With laughter.

Timo Mäkelä

Whisky distilling & bass playing. Sometimes at the same time. Surprisingly talkative introvert.

Sami Taijala

Allround mysterious shovel man. Invents the greatest patents.

Anneli Nivukoski

Manages barreling with hidden ninja warrior skills.

Marttaleena Ruohomaa

Nerd of the distillery, whose summer holidays tend to be not so successful.

Jonas Backlund

Besides gin distilling, masters also Swedish dialect closest to ancient language. Most relaxing thing in the world? Cooking.

Matti Leppälehto

Passion for creating flavours with food and drinks – and sharing them. Loves sauna, electronic music and bad humour.

Robert Sivula

Civil engineer with strong DIY attitude. Always up for a snooker  challenge!

Jani Kujala

Managing the production and singing tango with iron-hard professionalism.

Jussi Viljala

Jussi’s mother says he is a good guy. Our ambassador also collects gins and tells lots of jokes.

Eerik Lähteenpää

Looks after our distributors (and is our unofficial technical support). Loves to read and travel, but doesn’t have time for either.

Pauliina Marjanen

Our charming Global Brand Ambassador who knows everyone, and loves to make people happy.

Tony Sivula

Sheep farmer and distillery bar manager. Extraordinary host who has all the answers.

Josefin Strandberg

Our lovely Finn-Swede describes herself as crazy cat lady with always a great bunch of things going on.

Katariina Kallio

You would trust either your dinner experience or your life in her hands. Great, warm host and trustworthy paramedic student.

Maija Romu

Culture producer and physiotherapist. Loves sports and old people.

Tiia Kauppinen

Cows are the secret love of life of this nature-loving soon-to-be restaurant manager.

Kerli Kink

Lively host who loves the scent of gin distillery.

Lyydianna Hangassalo

Happy host with some Kyröish lunacy, creates drinks and sets the table while singing cheerfully.

Fredrik Hjulfors

Brand Ambassador, Sweden.
Dearest things? Deep powder snowboarding and cucumbers.

George Krastev

Brand Ambassador, UK. Dearest things are creating, whether it’s buildings, jewellery, drinks, or bar tools. Loves being around people. Talking, hosting, teaching, interacting.

Vladimir Arinushkin

Brand Ambassador, Russia

Vladimir Tsedsatze

Market manager, Russia
Looks after Kyrö in Russia. Also likes football but has no free time to play. 

Soran Nomura

Brand Ambassador, Japan. Likes arts, creating cocktails, and new things like recently very keen on fermentation process! Never refuses to travel or make new frends. 

Max Sabato

Brand Ambassador, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Loves to cook for family and friends, enjoying nice drinks while prepping the food. Since he touched a shaker for the first time, has always been at the bar. Sometimes on the top of it, sometimes under the bar; but most of the time behind it.

Steven Beerens

Brand Ambassador, Hong Kong

3rd generation of Beerens to work in the alcoholic beverage industry. Expect a handful of terrible puns from the tallest bartender in Hong Kong.

Mauricio Allende

Brand Ambassador, Southern Finland.  Rye and Agave Lover. Mexican-Finn, talks a lot but doesn’t mind the silence either. Prefers cold weather and bad jokes.

Jamie Duffy

Brand Ambassador, US
Chicago native whose spirit animal is a manatee. Preferred method of travel is rollerblades.


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