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Kyrö ex-Bourbon barrel share contract

Kyrö ex-bourbon is a rye whisky made using 100% Finnish wholegrain rye. It is double pot-distilled and aged in a hand picked 200 liter ex-bourbon barrel.

Intense and spicy Finnish rye, smoothening pot distillation and ex-bourbon barrel result spicy malty rye with fresh fruity notes.

When you are ready, order this right-to-purchase contract by adding it to your shopping basket and complete the check-out. We'll be in touch and go through the rest of the process together.

Taste profile

Peppery rye, toasted oak, honey and stone fruit sweetness are characteristic to Kyrö Ex-bourbon barrels.


  • 1/5 share from a 200 liter ex-bourbon barrel

  • Minimum of 45 bottles (0,5 liter)

  • Aged 3-5 years

  • Price 1800€. Choose 1, 2 or 4 payments. Alcohol tax is paid directly to Alko when whisky is ready (around 1000€) 

How do I get a barrel of Kyrö ex-bourbon?

Add the desired number of shares to your shopping basket and complete the checkout. Shortly you will receive an email and you can digitally sign the contract. After signing the digital contract you can call yourself a barrel owner.

Want to know the details?

Read Kyrö ex-bourbon Barrel contract here.