Hand Desi - Kyrö Hand Sanitizer Gel, 400 ml

Käsidesi, or hand sanitizer as it is known outside of Finland, is a delicacy for external use only. Please don’t even think about drinking our Käsidesi, we made it taste bad for a reason. 

Kyrö hand sanitiser is finally available in Germany as well. By purchasing our hand sanitizer, you can support local bars and restaurants that are suffering because of corona pandemic. Every week we showcase chosen restaurants in our social media channels and donate part of the Kyrö hand sanitizer sales to those places. Together we are stronger and with a little help from our friends and you, we can soon again enjoy the good atmosphere and company in our favourite spots.

This hygienic hand sanitiser does not require rinsing and acts as a disinfectant after and between soap hand washes. Use hand sanitizer safely. Always read the labels and product information before use.

EN 1500

Ingredients: Ethanol (ethyl alcohol), aqua, tert-butanol, glycerin, hypromellose

pH: ~ 7

Only available in Germany.