Special batch

Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky (Berry Bros and Rudd)

We're pretty happy to report that Kyrö's first independent bottling is now officially available. That means that we put our hearts into the hands of an expert crew who took some of our whisky casks and bottled them as they saw fit. Because we had a hunch that it would also be to our liking, we collaborated with London’s Berry Brothers & Rudd on this. After all, anyone who’s able to satisfy the British royal families when it comes to supplying wine and schnapps can’t be too bad. A new level, therefore, for all you catchers in the rye: only 256 bottles of these guys are available. The sips are counted. And we are counting on you. 

Taste Profile


  • warm rye bread

  • butter

  • rich vanilla

  • wood spice


  • rye spice

  • mashed banana, pine needles, and plum jam

  • long lasting spicy rye notes mingled with delicate oak