Special batch

Kyrö x Kinobi Gin

For the anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Finland we decided to exchange knowledge in gin blending with Kyoto Distillery.

We sent the best and closely chosen herbs from Finland to Japan, and received a happy surprise from Kyoto Distillery in exchange. Together with The Kyoto Distillery, we developed a gin to toast for the 100 years of diplomacy between Japan and Finland. The result is a gin inspired by the harmony of Japanese and Finnish nature, for which both distilleries selected the best of their local botanicals and then married the flavors.

KYRÖ x KI NO BI is distilled & bottled by Kyrö Distillery company. It is the first collaboration gin made for Kyrö Distillery’s Kyrö x Friends -series.

Taste profile

In the nose you'll find: yuzu lemon, blackcurrant leaves, sea weed, raspberry soup. Floral and piny.

On the palate you'll find: sour citrus, oil, pepper. Piny and salty with violet winegum finish.

Vegan, gluten free