Kyrö Cranberry Long Drink

Kyrö Long Drink tastes like real cranberries and brings a little colour to grey.

Kyrö Cranberry long drink (or ”Longkyrö”) is made using Kyrö Napue Gin as the base. Fresh cranberry juice and a hint of rosemary make Kyrö Cranberry the less-sugary long drink. Enjoy cold, straight from the glass bottle.

Long drink is originally a Finnish invention

Did you know that originally Finns invented long drinks to be served at the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki? The prohibition had ended in 1932 but strict state-controlled alcohol policies were still in place. The Summer Olympics was the first, big international event in Finland and more people than ever we expected to visit local restaurants. The state allowed some liberalization to help restaurants serve the amount of foreign customers. Pre-mixed, bottled and ready-to-consume long drink was officially brought to the market.

Originally the word long drink meant a long alcoholic beverage served in a glass. Think Tom Collins for example. In Finland long drink or lonkero as the Finns say, refers to mixed drink made out of gin.

Pre-mixed long drinks were supposed to be on sale only during the Olympics, but the Finns fell in love with the taste of gin and grapefruit juice. Nowadays the original long drink has the status of a national drink, and many new flavours have been mixed with gin.