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Kyrö Tasting Set

Rye four ways. Three rye gins and one rye whisky.

Taste all four rye products. 50 ml mini bottles are the perfect way to find your favorite. Packed in 100% recycled plastic.

Kyrö Gin 46,3%

Rye gin with a heart of wild nature and naked ambition. Tastes like meadowsweet with notes of pepper and rye.

Kyrö Dark Gin 42,6%

Rye gin seasoned in oak barrels and fierce weather. Taste of honey, orange, and warm spice.

Kyrö Pink Gin 38,2%

To be equally enjoyed by everyone. Notes of strawberry and rhubarb with juniper spice.

Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky 47,2%

A (Finnish 100% rye) whisky, unlike anything you've tasted before. Sweet rye bread with peppery notes and a caramel finish.