Get your Brutally Finnish Rye Gin

Finnish summer weather can be brutal, but we've taken the very best of it and poured that into our Kyrö Gin. Like a summer storm in a bottle, without a damn cucumber in sight. Instead, we use locally foraged botanicals which characterise our 100% rye gin.

Kyrö G&T

Choose the world's best gin for your gin & tonic and let's just leave the cucumber out of this.

1 part Kyrö Gin

2 parts Fever Tree tonic water 

A twig of rosemary


Lots of ice

Buy Kyrö Gin for €29.90

Kyrö Dark Gin & Juice

In Finland we have this one day called summer. Before, during and after - we drink gin & juice.

1 part Kyrö Dark Gin

2 parts cloudy apple juice

A slice of fresh apple 

Enjoy hot or cold with lots of ice.

Buy Kyrö Dark Gin for €34.90

Kyrö is the world's most northern all-rye distillery located in Isokyrö, Finland.

We produce award-winning whisky, gin, and cream liquor. Our gin's key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature — allowing you to enjoy the brightness of Finnish summer, wherever you are.