Kyrö values

The first time we sat in a sauna the idea of a Finnish rye distillery was born. The second time we sat in the heat, we defined the values that we would base our operation on. Guided by those, we still continue our rye-scented adventures.


Have you ever tried to built the world's largest ice carousel? We were brave enough to try. The chainsaws broke, the men broke, pretty much everything broke. At the end of the day though, at least we still had the world's best Gin & Tonics to see us through.

Daring – do things differently and break the silly dogmas.

Unpretentious Enjoyment

Have you ever seen the world through pink-colored glasses? We didn't need glasses when Forza Rosa Fluff momentarily turned the landscape of Isokyrö pink. Colored smoke is the main material for the intangible work by Swedish artist Klas Eriksson (b. 1976). The Perttilä Bridge, located just next to the distillery, provided a beautiful stage for this performance art piece.

Unpretentious enjoyment – love what you do and respect others around you.

Together We Are More

What makes a dinner experience unforgettable? We've had the privilege to be a part of the Mieletöntä Valoa (Incredible Light) dinner. Here intellectually disabled and mental health rehabilitators serve a three-course dinner and concert along with top chefs and artists. The night has a special kind of atmosphere to it.

Communal – do things together.

Humour me

Have you ever made a decision to change the name of your gin because in London people got napkins when they tried to order it in a bar? Of course there were bigger reasons and changes in Finnish alcohol law that made it possible for us to start calling Napue Kyrö Gin instead but we did make a special batch of Napkins to make a point.

Humorous – tell the best stories and remember to keep laughing at yourself.


It has always been important for us to support the local community wherever we make an impact. There has always been a strong spirit of community in Isokyrö. We have always been able to trust our own local community and we hope people can count on us too. We do our best to be trustworthy and always use local companies and employees in our own projects when possible, so that we can create more vitality and continuity in the region.

Trusting – trust in people, trust in rye, be trustworthy and most importantly, always trust yourself.