Virtual tasting


Virtual tasting


What is a virtual tasting?

Since we can't host you in person right now, we've turned to virtual tastings.

The gist is this - we miss you, we miss wandering our warehouses with you, tasting whiskies straight from the barrel, telling you stories of how 5.000 years ago the land where the distillery now stands was covered in a 6km thick layer of ice caps, and just how we came to making gin and whisky.

They're fun, they're informal, and they're free. The only thing you need is a bottle of Kyrö.

Our head distiller Kalle hosts the tastings live from Isokyrö while you grab your bottle (be that whisky or gin, we rotate on a monthly basis) at home. We'll do a quick showcase around the distillery, talk about the founding story, try our best and explain exactly how and why we make our rye gin and whisky, and also share some tips 'n tricks about how to best incorporate your spirits into the home bar (aka - how do you make your dream cocktail at home).

Pink Gin tasting April 1st

Let's taste our new Pink Gin. Sign up via Eventbrite here.

Kyrö Pink Gin

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Wolt brings the gin to your door

Do you live in Berlin Mitte? And you don't have gin or whisky for the tasting? Don't fret, order through Wolt and have Kyrö delivered straight to your door within the hour.

Last-minute Whisky Orders

Order your Kyrö fix on the day of the tasting. Through the Gorillas grocery app your delivery will be with you within 10 minutes.

Whisky Tasting May 6th

Join us for a Kyrö whisky tasting. Sign up through Eventbrite here.

Kyrö Malt Rye Whisky

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