Tour a Whisky Distillery in the Middle of Finland

The region of Ostrobothnia has got it all - from sea to wilderness. And a certain rye distillery which makes award-winning whisky, gin, and cream liquor in the middle of fields of gold. Welcome to Kyrö Distillery Home.

Kyrö Distillery is located in a peculiar village of Isokyrö. Despite the remote location, we welcome everyone to tour our distillery with a warm heart, to hear the stories, and enjoy the atmosphere.


It all begins in the ice ages (we wish we were joking). But we promise this will be the history lesson you won't sleep through. While touring the distillery, you will see how the mash is made and where, in the early years, the first bottles of Kyrö’s Napue Gin were hand-bottled. Afterward, you’ll surely believe that even the craziest dreams do come true.

Rye and other Flavours 

Join a tasting and learn more about the Kyrö range, all made from 100% Finnish wholegrain rye. Find the robust flavors and maybe mix a gin of your own while you’re here. Enjoy a dinner made from local ingredients. 

The Finnish Sauna Experience 

Nothing beats a classic Finnish sauna and, truth to be told, even Kyrö’s story begins in one.  Spend half an hour working up a sweat, then take a break and enjoy a cooling Kyrö Cranberry longdrink. Once you’ve seen the 11pm moon rise over the inky, misty water you’ll never want to leave.

Let Finnish Nature Take your Breath Away

Choose between hiking and swimming, primeval forests, and picturesque fishing villages. Over 40 hiking routes leave plenty of options. We can’t promise that you’ll encounter reindeer, elk, or bears but around here you never do know. One thing is for sure, you’ll be able to close your eyes and hear the silence surround you. Finland is called the land of a thousand lakes and surely you will find one to dip in. Even in winter, we won’t let that stop us.

The land of the Moomins, sauna, and rye has so much to offer and we’d be delighted to show you around our pot stills and whisky warehouses once you’re in the area. For more information email us at

Meet the Kyrö Family

Kyrö is not just a distillery. It's a dream come true. Plus we get to surround ourselves with the ryegth people. Get to know the people behind Kyrö.

Kyrö people