What's your favourite drink?

Ryeball is an easy drink to make and suitable for every situation. This is how Eerik, our unofficial IT-support person describes his favorite drink.

Whisky highball, excellent!

Eerik simply can’t understand Dry Martini. Who on earth would even think about calling a glass full gin and a sip of dry vermouth a cocktail! It’s not a cocktail, he says. It’s an overwhelming amount of gin if anything. The worst part is that dry martinis are usually enjoyed as an aperitif. Just before dinner. And at this point Eerik is already so hungry he can’t handle the amount of gin. He just wants to eat. 

He thinks absolutely the opposite about his favourite drink, whisky soda. Eerik believes whisky highball hits every situation and can be enjoyed when ever. They are the easiest to make, too. But you have to pay attention to the ingredients. It pays off to pick the right kind of mixer. Good one is Fever-Tree soda water with neutral taste and plenty of small bubbles.

Highball recipe for every situation

On a typical summer day under the hot sun Eerik prefers his Ryeball from a pint. Follow his lead and fill one with ice, add some rye whisky and top it with soda water. If the taste becomes too dilute, just add a sip of whisky. If you have the energy you can use a peeling knife and garnish the drink with lemon peel.

What if the situation needs a little bit of extra effort? Pay attention to the glass you use and pick a nice one. Use plenty of ice. Measure four centiliters rye whisky. Tilt the glass slightly and fill it with soda water. Use eight to ten centiliters of mixer to make the ratio right. Use the peeling knife again and get a lemon peel to garnish the drink with. For fancier outcome, clean the peel on a cutting board and shape it as you wish. Instead of lemon you can also you Yuzu.

This unconditional love for whisky soda has only had one setback. Eerik accidentally ended up using the wrong kind of mineral water as the mixer. It has never happened again. In Singapore, on the other hand, Eerik had one of the best whisky highball cocktails ever. While eating at a local yakitori place he rolled the dice and ended up getting his whisky soda in a jar. For someone accustomed to Finnish alcohol law this was a dream come true and something to reminiche when enjoying those pints of Ryeballs during a summer night.