What's your favourite drink?

Nothing beats a night spent under the French Riviera sun but spending time at the distillery terrace drinking whisky sours comes pretty close.

New normal, old habbits

It’s hard to say at this point whether this year has been temporary or if it really is the new normal. What we do know is this: lots has happened! New rules, so many dinners at home, hand sanitizer production and learning to keep a distance. What hasn’t happened is hugging and traveling. 

Forget about home office

Our office in Isokyrö is usually full of life and laughter. People come and go. Coffee cups here and there. Next to the office is our little laboratory where the gin and whisky distillers smell, taste and sometimes dance the day away. Jani can see everything from his desk but usually he doesn’t mind any of it. 

But he does mind the fact that none of us can travel now. Don’t get him wrong: Jani knows the best whisky sour is made at the distillery bar but it isn’t quite the same to drink it a few metres away from your desk than let’s say in Nice.

That’s where he would go back to: order a whisky sour at the Negresco hotel bar. Last time he did that in October 2019. Late autumn sun was still warm. The drinks were tasty and the sunset made the atmosphere electric. Kind of the way an old James Bond movie made you feel as a kid. 

Reality check

The couch in the office is old. After a while it’s not even comfortable to sit on but for a little while it offers a nice get away.

From the window you can see Kyrö river is still frozen but the sun is giving us hope. Glass won't be empty forever. This summer the best thing you can do is find your way to Isokyrö. Kyrö kitchen is open and tasty local delicacies will be served.

If we trust Jani to tell the truth you can order one fine whisky sour from the bar, take it outside to the terrace and enjoy the Finnish summer. Who needs a French Riviera when you have all that in Isokyrö.