The first bite didn’t go down that well but the tastings have had an impact on Linda. Sometimes the things you dislike the most can become your biggest favorites.

Sauna on my mind

None of us thought the forklift training would end well. But to our surprise, everything went just fine on that chilly November morning. The forklift still ran smoothly at the end of the day. No one lost any arms or legs and the barrels found their place in the warehouse. After a hard day’s night like that one, Linda knows the best way to relax: sitting in a sauna enjoying cream liqueur with ice. Time usually does the trick and even the worst of times turns into good memories. Linda didn’t have the best start with whisky. To be honest, it was quite the opposite and she still remembers the day when she solemnly promised never to drink whisky again. But times change and nowadays besides filling the Kyrö barrels, she loves to taste what comes out of them. In fact top three drinks she names is rye whisky neat, cream liqueur with ice and then there is this one very interesting cocktail. You need limes, Finnish cut brandy, rhubarb liqueur, cranberry juice, and Russian tonic water to make it. And lot’s of good luck. 

The best stories are the ones that are true

Linda joined the rye family in the summer of 2020. Since then, we haven’t been able to stop the stories. Linda has plenty of them.

There are homemade instructions on how to build a cardboard cart. There are fire safety instructions that surely are not legal and a few jelly shot recipes that you shouldn’t try.

But we also have those nights in the sauna, drinking cream liqueur with ice.