Seeking experiences? Come and enjoy local delicacies and enchanting stories in Isokyrö

Dinner package

We have created our own style of dining. We spice our shared meals with stories. Kyrö kitchen specializes in using locally produced ingredients and organic products. You'll learn about local farmers and plates in use. Our menu is updated seasonally.

Reserve about four hours for your visit and let the stories come to life while dining and tasting. Besides three-course menu our dinner package included a distillery tour and a tasting. Please book group visits in advance. We have a flexible cancellation policy during Covid-19.

Groups can also come for dinner only.


68-83€ (per person depending on the number of participants)


3,5-4 hrs.

Group size:

The minimum group size is 6 people. The maximum seating capacity of the restaurant is 70 people.

Local flavours

Kyrö dinner is the perfect way to bring to life farm-to table aesthetic. All our ingredients are sourced from local producers, farmers and fishermen. This way we ensure the quality of the ingredients we use.

Beef comes from organic farm near by. Vegetables we get from Minna and Sakari Impola and smoked herring from Sundom. We use local honey in drinks and dishes thanks to Sugar Daddies Honey Company and sea buckthorn is picked by our neighbor Sainio. Cheddar cheese comes from Jukolan Juusto, venison meat directly from the Orisberg hunting club. Aroma Bakery bakes all the delicious bread we serve.

Our menu changes four times a year. We always use fresh products that are in season.

Kyrö kitchen group menu Summer 2021


Bread and butter

Green salad with Jukolan gin-cheddar creme

Cured rainbow trout, smoked sour cream and marinated cucumber

Kyrö's pastrami, tomato mayonnaise, summer cabbage and crispy onion


Whisky glazed pork neck, roasted with grilled butter


Roasted rainbow trout and sorrel-butter sauce

The main course options are served with baked vegetables , crispy rye and roasted summer potatoes


Dairy cream pannacotta, caramelised white chocolate and summer berries

Learn the kyrö story while touring around the distillery

Join the distillery tour and learn how Kyrö Distillery was founded in a sauna, and hear what has happened since then. We will take you to the production facilities and you will see how the products are made. There’s something magical about the sweet scent in the barrel warehouse and that's something we want you to experience while visiting us.

Tasting rye products

Join us for a guided Kyrö spirit tasting. You get to taste four different products and learn the stories behind the award winning rye spirits.

You don't have to know anything beforehand. We'll guide you to observe the colour of the spirit and find aromas through smelling and tasting. You will learn what botanicals are found from the distillery yard, what goes into the product development, and how we come up with new spirits.

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