What's your favourite drink?

To become a whisky distiller you really don't need to be a whisky connoisseur. However, the profession can cause surprisingly warm feelings for whisky. That's what happened to Mari (too).

A whisky distiller's dream

Mari had never even tasted whisky before she began working for Kyrö. However, a few years of mashing, distillation, and tastings have definitely changed her opinion. It's easy to point out her favourite drink now. It's whisky. Bottle strength, preferably smoky. Always neat.

Wait is worth it

Kyrö Malt was released in August 2020. It’s not smoky, but Mari has tasted those too. When Kyrö finally ends up bottling the smoked whisky, it’ll have a balanced taste of smoke and caramel. Our rye mash gets distilled twice. It ages in new American oak barrels for three years. With the upcoming smoky versions, Mari wants to highlight the spectrum of spices you can taste.


For someone who knew nothing about whisky the job was still fairly easy to learn. How to distill. How to taste. What to taste. Actually, in the beginning, the hardest part was to find the correct door to get inside the distillery.

Recently the brand new whisky distillery was opened next to the old dairy and these days, Mari easily finds her way inside. The only thing causing her grey hair is English. She says she just can’t find a way to learn. We think it’s enough to know the basics in Finnish, the most difficult language to learn even for a native speaker.


Long story short, we were supposed to tell you her favourite drink. If it’s a casual night out, Mari would pour a dram of something on the lighter side. And talk about hunting. She loves going out with her dogs. She saves the smoky goodies for the occasions when she’s really pissed. Something from Bunnahabhain does the trick.